Credit Card Data Breach Hits Point-of-Sale Device Firm

Credit Card Data Breach Hits Point-of-Sale Device Firm

March 17, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

A company that supplies payment and point-of-sale solutions to cafeterias, airports, casinos, and other food service providers may have become the latest victim of a credit card data breach.

NEXTEP Systems is investigating a data breach where the payment information from one of its customers, Zoup, appears to have been compromised.

Zoup operates 75 fresh soup restaurants in the United States and Canada, and the company uses NEXTEP products for all of its point of sale devices. These machines were the subject of the breach, but NEXTEP President Tommy Woycik does not believe any customers were impacted by the compromise.

“NEXTEP immediately launched an investigation in cooperation with law enforcement and data security experts we retained to determine the root cause and remediate the issue,” Woycik told Krebs On Security. “We do know that this is not affecting all NEXTEP customers.”

Since NEXTEP provides those same POS terminals to many other businesses, Zoup may not be the last one to report a breach. For now though, Woycik says they are working with law enforcement to come up with a resolution for the breach and to assess the full extent of the corruption.

NEXTEP is not the first POS provider to face an atack in recent months. Last year, C&K Systems faced a similar breach that impacted more than 330 Goodwill locations in America.

Officials are still unsure of how the hackers got into the system.

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