Wichcraft Sandwich Shop Finally Reveals Credit Card Hack

Wichcraft Sandwich Shop Finally Reveals Credit Card Hack

January 7, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

The sandwich shop “wichcraft” announced last week that a credit card breach occurred in its stores during the August to October time period–and no one knew anything about it.

Wichcraft has several locations throughout the country, but the ones that were hit by the hack were in New York City and San Francisco. The shop was co-founded by Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio who set out to bring gourmet flair to the traditional sandwich world.

The hackers gained access to card numbers, security codes, expiration dates and customer names. That is all the information thieves need to spend money on a stolen card.

The company says it immediately took steps to protect its customers and prevent hacks like this in the future, but it did not say why it has taken so long to release any statement. The longer it takes for a company to report a breach, the more problems it can create for its customers. This should have been announced back in the fall when the company first discovered any problem.

“We are working with law enforcement authorities in their investigation of the incident and also working closely with the relevant payment card brands to share information about the incident,” said a wichcraft statement released on December 30. “We take our obligation to safeguard your personal information very seriously. We are alerting affected customers about this incident so they can take steps to help protect their information.”

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