Western Union Launches In-App Money Transfers through Apple Pay

April 10, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Western Union Launches In-App Money Transfers through Apple Pay

Western Union recently announced the expansion of the money transfer services on their mobile app. Users in the United States can now send money via Apple Pay to over 200 countries. The company will provide the same service for the UK later this year.

“60 percent of all Western Union digital money transfer transactions globally are initiated via a mobile device,” according to Khalid Fellahi, senior vice president for Western Union Digital.

This does not mean those transactions are completed on a phone or tablet. With the Western Union app, you can setup a money transfer to be completed at a physical location, or you can enter your banking information. And now you can use Apple Pay.

Western Union has supported Apple Pay at its physical locations since January 2015, shortly after the introduction of the mobile wallet. There is no information about Western Union working with Android Pay, Samsung Pay or other mobile wallets.

Prices for mobile money transfers vary based on a number of factors: the value of the transaction; where the money is being sent to since current exchange rates apply; and how the money is being delivered. All this information is available on the app when you set up the transfer.

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