WePay Now Supports Android Pay and Apple Pay on the Web

March 20, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
WePay Now Supports Android Pay and Apple Pay on the Web

Online payment processor WePay now accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay. Not only does this give new options for websites using WePay’s services, but it could also increase the adoption of Apple and Google’s mobile wallets.

WePay is best known as the back-end processor for the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, the accounting platform FreshBooks, the organization planner Meetup and the productivity software company Zoho. WePay processes billions of dollars in transactions for American companies and some international providers.

Apple Pay for the web has been around since last September, but it hasn’t exactly taken off. Some independent sites like Etsy and Staples have added Apple Pay for the web to their checkout processes, but having support from a large payment platform like WePay could be the boost mobile wallets need on the Internet.

As with all WePay services, users will have to turn on Apple Pay and Android Pay to make them visible on their websites. These functions are available to use now.

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