Weekly Credit Card Rate Report 09-02-08

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report 09-02-08

September 2, 2008         Written By sitemanager

The LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Rate Report

The LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Rate report is based on
our Complete Credit Card Index which tracks the rates of
1260 credit cards in the United States.

Our index showed that Annual Percentage Rates held
relatively stable this past week. The average credit card rate
was 12.00% for the 1260 credit cards that are tracked by
LowCards.com which was only slightly lower from the week
before at 12.02%.

The average cash advance rate was 20.65% which was unchanged
from the week before.

LowCards.com track rates for credit cards in nine
categories. The rates were slightly lower or unchanged in
all nine categories for the past week.

The credit cards with the lowest interest rates in the
nation over the past week were:

1. 4.00% Iberia Bank Visa Classic Card
2. 5.00% SimplyCash Business Card from American Express
3. 5.00% Wells Fargo Prime Rate Visa Credit Card

You may view rates for all 1260 credit cards in the United
States here: https://www.lowcards.com/CreditCardIndex.aspx

Rates for credit cards continued to be stable after the
Federal Reserve took no action during the meeting in early
August and inflation worries continued to subside.

Bill Hardekopf, CEO of LowCards.com added “The bond market
has been showing this week that they are happy that oil is
dropping below $110 a barrel. The bond traders think this is
starting to take some of the inflation risk off the table.
Decrease the inflation risk and you decrease the chance for
the Fed to raise interest rates. This may eventually be good
for credit card rates.”

The LowCards.com credit card rate report is compiled weekly
using data from 1260 credit cards which are tracked on the
LowCards.com website. The Complete Credit Card index is
available here


Rates may occasionally change due to the number of cards
being tracked.

About LowCards.com LowCards.com ( http://www.LowCards.com )
simplifies the confusion of shopping for credit cards. It is
a free, independent website that helps consumers easily
compare credit cards in a variety of categories such as
lowest rates, rewards, rebates, balance transfers and lowest
introductory rates. It also gives an unbiased ranking and
review for each card.

The LowCards.com Complete Credit Card Index (
https://www.lowcards.com/CreditCardIndex.aspx ) is the most
objective and comprehensive resource on the Internet which
allows consumers to compare rates for all 1260 credit cards
offered in this country.

The founders of LowCards.com have written a book called The
Credit Card Guidebook which helps clarify the confusing
world of credit cards. Consumers can download this book
absolutely free as a PDF or browse it online:

Created by Hampton & Associates, the company has been
analyzing the credit card industry and supplying objective
websites on various consumer expenses for eight years.

NOTE TO EDITORS: The information contained in this release
is available for print or broadcast with attribution to LowCards.com.

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The information contained within this article was accurate as of September 2, 2008. For up-to-date
information on any of the terms, cards or offers mentioned above, visit the issuer's website.

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