WaterSmart Software Offers Smarter Payment Processing for the Water Industry

October 12, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
WaterSmart Software Offers Smarter Payment Processing for the Water Industry

A significant number of utility companies use WaterSmart Software to help customers keep track of their bills and other information about their account. The company has now developed a better online payment processing system, thanks to a partnership with Stripe.

Most online bill payment processors provide a limited amount of information on a customer’s bill, sometimes just the amount of money that is owed. With the new WaterSmart and Stripe partnership, users can get tips about how to fix leaks, save money on water, reduce water consumption, and much more, all in one portal. Under traditional payment systems, a user is sent to a third-party website to complete payments for their utility bills.

WaterSmart says this system is a first for the water industry, providing extra benefits for both consumers and water companies. Utility staff members can track delinquent payments on the new platform and send out personalized messages to customers at risk of shut-off due to non-payment. This should ultimately reduce collection costs for water companies, and improve the customer service experience for users who do not always pay their bills on time.

The WaterSmart Payments system can be used on multiple devices (computers, smartphones, etc.), and offers lower transaction fees than most payment processors in the water industry.

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