Walmart to Offer Voice Assisted Ordering with Google Assistant

August 23, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
Walmart to Offer Voice Assisted Ordering with Google Assistant

Walmart is once again trying to put a dent in Amazon’s online market share. Walmart will provide voice assisted ordering, similar to Amazon Alexa ordering. The service will be available with the help of Google Assistant primarily on the Google Home device.

Specifically, Google will be integrating Walmart’s Easy Reorder program into Google Assistant. Shoppers can reorder products they have purchased in store or online by saying, “OK Google, order {item}.” Easy Reorder remembers the brand, size, and other details about commonly purchased items, so it will pull up the best fit for your needs.

Google Assistant will repeat the details of the order to confirm that is what the customer wants. If the order is over $35, it will qualify for free two-day shipping. The shopper can choose to add the item to their cart and continue shopping, or complete the checkout process. Then, they can pay for the item using a payment method already on file, such as a debit or credit card.

This new program will start in September. A follow-up program will launch some time next year, where shoppers can order groceries with voice assistance to pick up in store. Initially, this will only be available on Google Home, but “the plan is to roll it out to Google Assistant and voice interactions across other devices in time.”

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