Walmart Pay Arrives in Texas and Arkansas

Walmart Pay Arrives in Texas and Arkansas

May 16, 2016         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Walmart announced that Texas and Arkansas shoppers can now complete transactions with Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay, first introduced in December, is an app that allows customers to use their phone to pay for goods quickly and safely. Walmart is the only retailer to offer its own payment solution, and it works on any iOS or Android device with any major credit, debit, prepaid or Walmart gift card.

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To use Walmart Pay, customers download the app and:

* Go to any open register, open the app and choose Walmart Pay. Then activate the mobile device’s camera.

* Scan the code displayed at the register.

* The transaction is complete once the associate has finished scanning items. An eReceipt will be sent to the app that can be viewed any time.

There are already more than 20 million customers using the Walmart app, and it is one of the top three retail apps in the Google and Apple app stores. It allows users to check-in at the store for an online order pick-up, refill pharmacy prescriptions and find items in a store.

“We can’t wait to hear what our customers and associates in Texas think of Walmart Pay. The service was built to make shopping easier and faster, something we know our customers want,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president, Services, Walmart U.S. “Walmart Pay is a powerful addition to our app, a tool that we’re using to transform the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting our online assets and our stores for customers.”

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