Walmart Introduces Walmart Pay

Walmart Introduces Walmart Pay

December 10, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

Today, Walmart became the only retailer to offer its own mobile payment system, Walmart Pay. The app will allow customers to use their Apple or Android phones to checkout at any lane in the store.

Customers can link any major credit, debit, prepaid or Walmart gift card to their account through the Walmart mobile app. The company promises the app will make customer transactions quicker and more secure.

”The Walmart app was built to make shopping faster and easier,” said Neil Ashe, president and CEO of Walmart Global eCommerce. “Walmart Pay is the latest example – and a powerful addition – of how we are transforming the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting online, mobile and stores for the 140 million customers who shop with us weekly.”

To use the app, customers need only follow a three-step process:

  1. At any register, open the Walmart app, choose Walmart Pay and activate the phone’s camera.
  2. Scan the code displayed at the register to connect Walmart Pay.
  3. Once the associate scans all items, the transaction will be complete. An eReceipt will be sent to the app that the customer can view at any time.

“The simplicity and ease of Walmart Pay comes not only from how it works, but also in how it’s been built,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president, services, Walmart U.S.  “We made a strategic decision to design Walmart Pay to work with almost any smartphone and accept almost any payment type – even allowing for the integration of other mobile wallets in the future.”

Walmart Pay will be available in select stores in the next few weeks, and it should be available nationwide in the first half of 2016.

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