Walli Smart Wallet Lets You Know If You Forget Your Credit Card

Walli Smart Wallet Lets You Know If You Forget Your Credit Card

May 26, 2016         Written By Lynn Oldshue

A new product from Walli Wearables promises to provide the “smartest wallet you will ever own.” Walli is a special wallet that pairs to a smartphone app, alerting you any time you leave your wallet and walk away.

Walli doesn’t just remind you to grab your wallet though. It also keeps track of the wallet’s contents so you never have to worry about forgetting a credit card. If you accidentally leave your card somewhere, Walli will let you know something is missing and tell you its last known location. You can set timers for reminders so Walli knows exactly when to contact you about a lost or forgotten card. This is similar to the card finding feature on the all-in-one card Coin, but it applies to all the cards in a person’s wallet—not just a single unit.

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The Walli app doubles as a wallet finder. Simply tap a button on your phone, and the wallet will start beeping. Double tap on the wallet, and you can use it to find your phone—as long as it is within Bluetooth distance. Walli is powered by a single cell battery that can last up to six months. There is no charging necessary.

Walli has six card slots as well as two cash pockets and one coin pocket.

The wallet is made of premium leather, and it is currently selling for $89 on Indiegogo.

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