Wallaby Brings Credit Cards to Smartwear

Wallaby Brings Credit Cards to Smartwear

September 22, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Mobile wallet provider Wallaby has developed a new product for smartwear. The app, known as Wallaby for Android Wear, brings the basic features of Wallaby’s mobile wallet to smartwatches and other available Android wearables.

With Wallaby for Android Wear, you can determine which credit card you should use for a transaction based on your current rewards offers. You simply have to say, “Start Wallaby,” and Google will determine what stores you are near and which cards you should use to help maximize your rewards.

Wallaby for Android Wear also enables you to check the balance of your credit cards directly on the smartwear device. You can see the amount of money you owe on each card and the total amount of credit available to you. This helps you not overspend on your card or get too close to your credit limit.

“Wallaby for Android Wear strengthens our stance at the leading edge of wearable technology,” Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial, said in a statement. “The app also extends our ability to provide valuable financial information and services to consumers in the context of their daily lives. Each successive wearable device launch allows us to further enhance the capabilities we provide instantaneously and conveniently to our customers. The scale and excitement surrounding the launch of Android Wear makes this a particularly exciting landmark for our team.”

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