The Voice Is Yours with New Huntington Bank Credit Card

September 11, 2013, Written By Lynn Oldshue
The Voice Is Yours with New Huntington Bank Credit Card

Huntington Bank is launching a new credit card called Voice. This card is somewhat unique to the market, offering consumers the chance to choose between different rewards options or a lower interest rate.

Cardholders can select a rewards program that pays a point for every dollar spent but triple the points on one of 13 different categories, up to $2,000 per quarter. Or, if they choose, consumers can select a 3% lower purchase APR.

The card has other attractive perks. There are no foreign transaction fees or annual fees. In addition, Voice offers a late payment grace period of one day and promises not to raise your APR if you are late on a payment.

Huntington Bank will only be offering this credit card to existing customers.

“We’re sticking with the customers we know and the markets we know,” said Mary Navarro, director of retail and business at Huntington Bank, to the Wall Street Journal. “This is not a stepping-off point to be a national issuer of credit cards.”

Up until now, Huntington has been relying on other card issuers to handle their credit cards, thereby losing vital relationship opportunities with their customers.

“It was a big gap for us so it wasn’t hard for us to decide to do this,” said Navarro.

If you are a current or future Huntington Bank customer, see if you can qualify for Voice. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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