Visa to Provide Expedited Travel to Certain Cardholders

Visa to Provide Expedited Travel to Certain Cardholders

April 15, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Credit card issuers are still finding new ways to attract affluent cardholders.

Visa is offering a six-month free trial with CLEAR, a biometric identity service used in airport security. The relationship will allow Visa Signature cardholders to move to the head of the security line at a small number of airports.

According to Visa research, the Visa Signature cardholders typically have higher incomes and are frequent travelers.

CLEAR’s annual fee is $179. Visa Signature customers will receive a six-month free trial and then $60 off the annual rate. Visa Signature cardholders can enroll in the service with a driver’s license and passport. Your biometrics are verified with fingerprint and iris imaging to create a secure CLEAR card.

The CLEAR service is currently offered at Orlando International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Denver International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Westchester County Airport in New York. CLEAR customers pass through members-only lanes where their identity is verified using biometric, fingerprint or iris images. A CLEAR card covers children under eighteen traveling with the member for free.

“Visa account holders are seeking relevant solutions to enhance their travel experiences,” said Nick Talwar, Visa’s head of North America Consumer Credit in a statement. “We know that Visa Signature account holders are frequent travelers, and they expect a superior set of travel rewards and benefits with their account. CLEAR’s platform aligns well with our goals to provide a rewarding and hassle-free travel experience.”

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