Visa Named Most Trusted Credit Card Brand

Visa Named Most Trusted Credit Card Brand

May 16, 2017         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Reader’s Digest conducts an annual search for the most trusted brands in America. Thousands of Americans participate in an online survey to rank products in 40 different categories, ranging from consumer electronics to credit cards to travel accommodations.

This year, Reader’s Digest announced the winners through comic-book style art, where each brand is represented as a super hero. Among the “Heroes of the Trusted League” are Scent Sei (Glade: most trusted household air freshener), The Satisfryer (McDonald’s: most trusted fast food restaurant), The Signal (Verizon: most trusted wireless provider), and The Germinator (Lysol: most trusted household cleaning product).

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Visa was named the most trusted credit card brand in America, represented by a blue super hero named “Charge.” Bank of America won the category for most trusted bank, and Fidelity was deemed the most trusted investment firm.

More than half of survey participants said they would be more likely to work with a brand that had the Reader’s Digest seal of approval. Ford, Kellogg’s and Toyota have already incorporated the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand certification into their ads based on previous winnings. 81% of consumers said they would purchase from a trusted brand in favor of a competing brand if pricing and product quality were similar.

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