Visa Checkout Expands to Europe and India

Visa Checkout Expands to Europe and India

February 22, 2016         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Visa has announced that merchants and consumers in six new markets, including France, India, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom, can now use the Visa Checkout service.

Visa Checkout is expanding its international availability as eCommerce is increasing across the globe, especially on mobile devices. According to eMarketer, global eCommerce grew 22.7% in 2015. Online and mobile commerce are growing at a rate of 32% annually, which makes them the fastest growing shopping channels.

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“The incredible growth in connected commerce makes this the perfect time to bring Visa Checkout to the hundreds of millions of connected consumers using mobile devices across Europe and India today,” said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president of digital solutions, Visa Inc. “Following the successful launch and growth of Visa Checkout in many countries last year–including Brazil, China, Mexico, New Zealand and Singapore–we’re continuing our momentum in 2016, with the long term vision of making it easier for consumers to use their Visa cards on any device, anywhere in the world.”

Since its release in 2014, Visa Checkout has launched to 16 countries and is used by 11 million consumers and 250,000 merchants. In 2016, the service will reach users in 22 markets: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Research indicates Visa Checkout increases sales conversions for online merchants. Those shopping with Visa Checkout stores complete 86% of transactions, compared to 73% for PayPal Express Checkout and 57% for traditional merchant checkout options.

“Ultimately it’s the power of the product and its ability to drive increased conversion that will lead to more adoption and growth of Visa Checkout,” continued Shrauger. “We’ve seen great results in the U.S., and we know that as our global expansion continues, we can help drive positive results for more merchants and their consumers everywhere.”

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