Free Apple Pay and EMV Point of Sale Terminals Offered to Small Businesses

January 28, 2015, Written By Lynn Oldshue

Small businesses may soon catch a break, thanks to a new offer from Velcro Pay. The merchant middleman announced it will provide a free Apple Pay-enabled point of sale terminals to small businesses, along with tutorials on how to work with the upcoming changes in the credit card industry.

The new POS system isn’t just compatible with Apple Pay. It also works with EMV cards, making it an affordable option for small businesses who need to transition to the new standards coming in October of this year.

Velcro Pay aims to educate these merchants so they are not hit with unexpected fees in the future.

“The majority of small businesses we ask are totally unaware about the EMV technology upgrade and fraud liability shift that is coming later this year where the liability of fraudulent charges will shift from the banks and card brand companies to the merchant,” said Matthew Loughran, Executive Vice President of Velcro Pay, in a statement.

Velcro Pay is not a payment processor. The company works with merchants to find the best prices for the services they need. Velcro Pay’s free POS offer should bring new business to the company, as well as helping small businesses cover the expensive cost of transitioning to chip and PIN technology.

For more information about Velcro Pay and its payment solutions, visit the Apple Pay and EMV section of their website.

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