Users Can Now Organize Their Cards on Google Pay

May 30, 2018, Written By John H. Oldshue
Users Can Now Organize Their Cards on Google Pay

The transition from Android Pay to Google Pay was mostly linear, but users noticed a few of the app’s key features went missing along the way. Google has now added one of those features back—the ability to sort cards in the mobile wallet.

In the latest update, Google Pay added the option to “drag and drop to arrange your cards.” The feature was just spotted by Android Police, even though the update occurred over a month ago.

For the limited number of users who do have several cards on file, this option is a great way to group loyalty cards, credit cards and debit cards together. This makes checking out at a store easier because the cards are in a predictable and manageable order.

The sorting feature is available on Google Pay 1.57.

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