Universal Credit Card “Coin” Now Being Shipped

Universal Credit Card “Coin” Now Being Shipped

April 22, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

The 350,000 buyers who pre-ordered the Coin all-in-one credit cards are finally getting their product. After a longstanding beta test and lengthy delay, Coin is now starting to be shipped.

Coin was first introduced in November 2013 as the ultimate de-clutter solution for the average American wallet. The card is capable of supporting multiple credit card numbers that can be changed through a flat button on the front. Coin can be used through a traditional magnetic strip reader, including ATMs.

What caused the delay for the release? Representatives from Coin told TechCrunch they were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of orders that came in, and were struggling to get the cards out in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of the product.

It will take several months for all of the pre-orders to leave the manufacturer. Thanks to the long beta test though, Coin can be used just about anywhere credit cards are accepted. The cards are equipped with over-the-air firmware updates, so users can constantly have access to the latest features on the card.

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of people who signed up for Coin, keep an eye on the mail. Your universal credit card could be closer than you think.

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