United Credit Card Eliminates Foreign Transaction Fee

United Credit Card Eliminates Foreign Transaction Fee

June 18, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

For people who use the United MileagePlus Explorer card, we have exciting news.

Beginning this month, Chase has decided to remove the foreign transaction fee on the card, making it even more travel-friendly. A foreign transaction fee is an additional percentage of your transaction that you have to pay for converting your currency into the currency of another country. If you spend time overseas, these fees can add up quickly.

The removal of this fee means that more users can travel to other parts of the world without having to worry about this incremental fee. This card already features an attractive travel rewards program, with perks ranging from private lounge access to priority flight boarding. Use the card to book a United Airlines flight, and you receive extra rewards points which can be applied on your next trip.

There is a downside to this card. After the first year, the annual fee on it is $95, which isn’t outrageous relative to other airline credit cards. Make sure you can earn enough rewards points to justify that money. If you rarely fly with United Airlines, you may be better off with another card. You have to analyze your travel habits and determine what is right for you.

Make sure you check out the foreign transaction fee on any credit card before you use it in another country. Those purchases you make on foreign soil may cost you more than you think.

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