Ulta Beauty Launches Two New Rewards Credit Cards

August 8, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Ulta Beauty Launches Two New Rewards Credit Cards

Earning rewards at Ulta Beauty just got a little easier, thanks to the development of two new rewards credit cards: the “Ultamate Rewards MasterCard” and the “Ultamate Rewards Credit Card.” The beauty supply store has a longstanding rewards program that is free to patrons, but these are the company’s first rewards credit cards.

According to Ulta’s credit card page, the difference between the cards is the fact that the MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCards are accepted. The Rewards Credit Card can only be used for purchases in Ulta stores. Applicants must be over the age of 18 to be eligible for either card. Users earn two points for every $1 spent in Ulta stores or at Ulta.com. MasterCard users may also earn one point for every $3 spent anywhere else.

The current promotion allows applicants to earn 20% off their next purchase after being approved for either version of the rewards card. Users can check their points, pay their bills and view account activities with their online account.

The rewards themselves aren’t worth much—it takes 100 points to get $3 in store credit. But shoppers who frequently spend money at Ulta may find the promotional offers and additional savings worth being part of the rewards program.

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