UK Businessman Suing Google for so-called "Data Breach"

UK Businessman Suing Google for so-called "Data Breach"

February 8, 2016         Written By Bill Hardekopf

The Herald Scotland reported today that a businessman has sued Google in the High Court in London for what he calls a data breach.

He said he has suffered “damage and distress,” because anyone who uses Google has access to “sensitive personal data” about him. His specific complaint is that the information is false, and his personal data is presented in a “manifestly and grossly unfair” way.

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The businessman, who is identified only as “NT2,” said some financial institutions “remain unwilling to deal with him… in light of his profile as portrayed by a simple Internet search” using Google.

Not only does he want a judge to order Google to block access to information about him, he also wants damages.

His lawyer further outlined his claims by saying data protection legislation in the UK protects the sensitive information that is easily accessible by searching for a person’s name in Google.

The man’s lawyers have also asked Google to “cease processing” information related to their client, but their claim form says the company has “not complied.”

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