Uber Driver Tips Reach $50 Million in 2 Months

August 23, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Uber Driver Tips Reach $50 Million in 2 Months

It’s been less than two months since Uber added the tipping feature to its ride-sharing app, and it has already put a tremendous amount of money in drivers’ pockets. The company said it will reach $50 million in driver tips this week.

Uber originally announced the tipping option in June during the “180 Days of Change” campaign. However, they did not roll out the service until the middle of July. By comparison, Lyft has offered in-app driver tipping for years, and they just reached $250 million in tips last month. Uber could reach that figure early next year.

The tipping program is fairly straightforward. After the drive has been completed, Uber prompts the rider to rate their driver’s service. This is followed by a prompt with suggested tip amounts. There is also a “custom amount” option where riders can add whatever tip value they feel is appropriate.

The tip will be charged to the same credit card or debit card used for the ride. Of course, riders can still tip their drivers in cash if they prefer. Drivers must choose to accept in-app tipping, so that feature may not be available with all drivers. Riders can choose to tip their drivers up to 30 days after a trip, either through the app/website or the email receipt.

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