Security Expert Offers Five Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Security Expert Offers Five Tips for Safe Online Shopping

December 2, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Americans spend billions of dollars in November and December each year, which makes this a busy season for retailers and cybercriminals. According to the National Retail Federation, over 183 million people were expected to shop on Cyber Monday.

“It’s important to remember the critical role consumers play when it comes to protecting their personal information and data; they can’t rely on businesses and retailers alone,” said Jason Witty, Chief Information Security Officer at U.S. Bank. “Holiday shopping is fun, but it’s important to always remember the risks involved and take proper precautions.”

According to Witty, the top five precautions include:

  1. Think twice before clicking a link in an email. Scammers will often send emails that look like promotions from a legitimate company, but they’re actually phishing attempts. It is always safer to manually type a website into the browser.
  2. While there are many great companies starting every day, this may be the time of year to shop with more established online businesses. If a consumer does decide to do business with someone unfamiliar, they need to fully research the company before sharing payment information.
  3. Technology is increasing financial security, so use it. Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay all use tokenization, which means consumers pay with a secure token tied to a debit or credit card or device. A shopper’s actual banking information won’t be shared during the transaction. The new EMV cards are also more secure.
  4. Consumers with more than one card may want to consider using a unique card for holiday shopping. This will make it easier to track fraudulent activity.
  5. Consumers should check online account statements regularly so they can note and dispute fraudulent charges.

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