U.S. Bank Launches New Mobile App with Enhanced Money Management Features

April 2, 2019, Written By Lynn Oldshue
U.S. Bank Launches New Mobile App with Enhanced Money Management Features

U.S. Bank has launched a completely remodeled version of their mobile app. The new app features enhanced money management solutions, with detailed insights into how users spend their money.

With the new app, cardholders can see a breakdown of their monthly transactions, categorized by type. The promotional video in the press release shows categories like gas, shopping, and food, with monthly totals for each. This allows users to quickly view their spending habits so they can better plan their budgets.

The app also has a month-to-month comparison to highlight when a user has spent a “higher than usual” amount in a specific category. Moreover, there is a budgeting feature to help users set and maintain savings goals.

U.S. Bank cardholders can set travel notifications through the app to let the bank know when they are heading out of town. This reduces the likelihood of the card being declined for uncharacteristic charges. A global travel study from Visa revealed that facing a credit card dispute was one of the top financial concerns for travelers in 2018.

The new U.S. Bank app is currently only available for iPhone users, but an Android version is in the works. The bank also plans to launch a Spanish-language version of the app. Users can get information about these app innovations by signing up for email updates.

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