U.S. Bank Customers Can Complete Banking Tasks with Amazon Alexa

September 6, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
U.S. Bank Customers Can Complete Banking Tasks with Amazon Alexa

U.S. Bank customers can now use Amazon Alexa to complete banking tasks. The program ran through an employee pilot program this summer and got the official go-ahead today.

Alexa can be used to check the balance on a U.S. Bank savings, checking, or credit card account. It can also be used to make credit card payments, listen to recent transaction histories, and hear due dates and amounts. The service is available on Alexa-compatible devices, like Amazon Echo, Tap and Echo Dot.

Earlier this summer, U.S. Bank launched a digital payment program called Zelle. With Zelle, U.S. Bank customers can transfer money to someone else’s bank account even if it is with another bank. The program is available via the U.S. Bank mobile app and the online banking platform.

Capital One launched a similar program in March of last year, giving users a chance to make credit card payments with Amazon Alexa. Citi was testing Amazon Alexa with their mobile app last summer, but that has not come to fruition at this time.

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