TransFirst and Click & Pledge Make Giving Easy

August 24, 2016, Written By Lynn Oldshue
TransFirst and Click & Pledge Make Giving Easy

TransFirst and Click & Pledge are streamlining the online fundraising process for non-profit organizations located in the United States.

Click & Pledge created the GiveBig social fundraising platform software, which makes it easy for organizations to run large-scale fundraising efforts. TransFirst collects and disburses the money, handles any transaction-related disputes and ensures that all industry regulations are met.

“Non-profits receive a TransFirst merchant account through Click & Pledge,” says Carl Mazzola, president, Health and Public Services at TransFirst. “Once the account has been opened for a giving day event, the organization can continue to use its TransFirst and Click & Pledge account for all of its payment processing at the same specialized giving day pricing.”

Recently, TransFirst and Click & Pledge worked with Arizona Gives Day in April, and logged more than $2.6 million in electronic donations.

“Through Click & Pledge, we were successful in raising more money across the state and not having to worry about the technical processing of donations for each of our individual organizations,” says Jennifer Purcell, director of community engagement for Arizona Gives Day.

The companies also started several non-profit initiatives in Roanoke, Virginia, the State of Georgia and other national organizations with a nationwide giving day.

“We take advantage of the best of all worlds with our TransFirst partnership,” says Kamran Razvan, president of Click & Pledge. “We can release new software at the speed of ideas that our customers demand, and we don’t have to worry about managing the money, credit and financing. It gives our customers the ultimate payment support system.”

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