Trader Joe’s Stores Will Accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Trader Joe’s Stores Will Accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet

May 20, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Shoppers at popular grocery chain Trader Joe’s will soon have the option to pay for their items through their mobile wallets. Several of the store’s 400+ locations have been upgraded to accept touchless payments over the last few months, even though the technology is not yet fully functioning.

Trader Joe’s plans to upgrade all of its stores to new touchscreen point-of-sale systems from Verifone. At the bottom of the screen for the new devices, there are options to pay with apple Pay or Google Wallet, as well as NFC cards like Coin.

The rollout of the POS systems is coming faster than the rollout of Apple Pay. Some users report already being able to pay with their Apple Watches and smartphones, while others said their location does not yet support it. Neither Apple nor Trader Joe’s have provided information as to when this option will be available at all stores, but analysts expect the progress to happen fairly quickly.

Trader Joe’s is not the first grocery chain to accept Apple Pay. Whole Foods, Meijer and Winn-Dixie are just some of the chains that currently have this option on their terminals.

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