Thief Steals Credit Card from Police Officer–And Gets Away

Thief Steals Credit Card from Police Officer–And Gets Away

May 14, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

If you are going to steal a credit card, you may not want to take one from a law enforcement officer. But that did not stop a drunk Johnny Anthony Cervantes.

According to surveillance video, Cervantes took a female officer’s wallet from the hood of her car in Victoria, Texas, and proceeded to use one of her credit cards at a local convenience store. The man made a total of $76 in purchases over the course of two trips to the store.

The store clerk said that his drunken behavior was the first indication that Cervantes may not be the cardholder in question. The card he was using was a Victoria Police Officer Association’s First Victoria National Bank MasterCard, which the clerk did not think would logically belong to a drunk man.

At this time, officers have been unable to track down the thief, despite having surveillance footage from multiple locations. If he is caught, he could be facing jail time for a felony.

While Cervantes is the criminal, the police officer made a mistake by exposing her wallet in the first place. The wallet also contained her Social Security card and driver’s license–enough identification for someone to do serious damage.

Be careful with your credit cards and other identification, keeping an eye on them at all times. You could be susceptible to theft, even if you’re an officer of the law.

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