Thief Steals Debit Card for a 99-Cent Purchase

Thief Steals Debit Card for a 99-Cent Purchase

October 3, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

A thief in Doylestown, Pennsylvania stole a debit card from a man’s car and used it for a $0.99 purchase at a gas station. That’s right, he risked going to jail for less than $1.

We see a lot of stolen credit and debit card stories in the news that we don’t share here, simply because they are local stories. This one caught our attention because of its peculiarity. Most credit card thieves will take out hundreds of dollars from an ATM or fill several cars with gas before they stop using the stolen card. This thief had smaller dreams.

To be fair, the thief took more than just a debit card. He stole a couple packs of cigarettes from one victim and a hard drive from another. He acquired these items by checking for unlocked car doors and getting what he could from inside the vehicles.

The man broke into a third car, but he did not take anything from that. In total, he got about $175 worth of merchandise and that whopping 99-cent purchase out of the ordeal.

The thief is still on the run at this time, but the victims managed to escape with minimal loss. If they learned anything from this experience, it is to lock their doors at night. Now, if only we could get all the other card theft stories to be this minor…

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