Technical Glitches Disrupt Major Banks on Friday

Technical Glitches Disrupt Major Banks on Friday

December 7, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Technical glitches caused significant issues for cardholders at Wells Fargo, USAA, PNC Bank, and SunTrust on Friday, leaving customers unable to access their funds for a portion of the day. While each bank experienced a slightly different issue, all of the problems led to disruptions in credit and debit card processing.

Wells Fargo account holders were unable to use their credit cards for part of the day, and many of them were unable to log into their online banking accounts.

USAA customers were also unable to use their credit cards, but their issues were the result of technical difficulties from a third-party processor. SunTrust did not say what their delays were, but their customers were not able to process some debit or credit card transactions either.

PNC Bank solved their technical issues on Friday before 9 AM. This bank’s customers were not able to access their online or mobile banking accounts because of a technical issue from a service vendor. The problem started at 4 AM, and customers were not able to pull money out of ATMs for the five-hour period.

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