Target Solves Slow Chip Card Checkout with Wallet App

December 5, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Target Solves Slow Chip Card Checkout with Wallet App

Do you dread using your chip credit card at the register because of the slow transaction times? It only takes a few more seconds to “dip” instead of “swipe,” but that can seem like an eternity with a line of angry customers behind you.

Target is hoping to end those woes with the new Wallet feature in the Target app. The company says Wallet is “up to four times faster than other payment types,” though they did not specify the average transaction time.

Currently, Wallet only works with Target REDCards, but consumers will be able to use Target gift cards in the app in an upcoming expansion. Wallet also uses Cartwheel and Weekly Ad coupons, so consumers can redeem coupons within the app before checkout. In other words, a shopper can select all applicable coupons for a transaction ahead of time so all the cashier has to do is scan the code on the customer’s phone. The shopper can also pre-select a REDCard on file to pay for the purchase without a physical card.

Competing digital wallet Walmart Pay works with any Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover payment card, as well as Walmart gift cards and e-gift cards. Walmart Pay cannot yet automatically apply digital coupons to a transaction, but shoppers can use paper coupons at the register and use Savings Catcher to get more money back once the purchase is complete.

Target’s Wallet may not be as advanced as Walmart Pay in certain areas, but it could be a valuable tool for frequent shoppers who use coupons at the store. The fast transaction times may also encourage people to use the digital wallet. A survey from earlier this year showed 55% of consumers were hesitant about using chip cards because of the speed of the transactions.

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