Target May Have Ignored Security Issues Before Hack

Target May Have Ignored Security Issues Before Hack

February 17, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

According to the Wall Street Journal, Target may have been forewarned about security issues a full two months before the hack on 40 million debit and credit cards took place.

Warnings apparently came from both government and private research firms that described harmful computer code that targeted payment terminals. When Target was approached with the need to thoroughly review the security of the payment system, the company may have “brushed off” the suggestion.

This warning came when Target was updating their payment terminals. The new software was to be launched right before Black Friday to smooth transactions and help shoppers get through the stores as quickly as possible. Some analysts believe Target may have jumped the gun on launching that new software.

To be fair to Target, there are countless warnings like this that come into play for large chains. Retail giants like Target, Walmart and Kmart have to prioritize the warnings.

One of Target’s former employees said, “It is everyone’s worst-case scenario. As an intelligence analyst, there is only so much you can do.”

What was done was obviously not enough.

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