Target Quickly Squashes Rumors of Apple Pay in Stores

February 13, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Target Quickly Squashes Rumors of Apple Pay in Stores

The Internet was abuzz yesterday when @AskTarget, Target’s official customer service account on Twitter, said the store was working on adding Apple Pay to its in-store payment system. The tweet was a response to another Twitter user, and it read, “Apple Pay is awesome! We’re working on getting this Technology into our stores. We’ll catch up with the 21st century soon!”

The retailer was quick to squash that rumor, sending an email to 9To5Mac that said “We have no plans or work underway currently to make Apple Pay available in our stores.” The company has taken down the aforementioned tweet to clear up the confusion.

Target does allow consumers to pay for products with Apple Pay on the Target app, but they do not support the mobile wallet in stores. Target is one of the few major retailers that does not accept Android Pay or Apple Pay (see the store’s list of accepted payments here). Customers could use Samsung Pay at Target, but only because their mobile wallet works with non-NFC card readers.

One of the reasons why Target may be avoiding popular mobile wallets is because they are rumored to be developing their own. It has been over a year since Reuters reported this development, and at that time, the company had not tested its mobile wallet in stores. Competitor Walmart released its mobile wallet in December 2015, and the adoption of it has been fairly steady since then.

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