Target and Neiman Marcus Breaches Are Only the Beginning

Target and Neiman Marcus Breaches Are Only the Beginning

January 22, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

After word spread about the Target credit card breach, most of us hoped the hack was some type of fluke. We weren’t expecting another large retailer like Neiman Marcus to announce they had been hacked. Now, the Department of Homeland Security is predicting even more hacks in the near future.

“With this new information that many other retailers could have potentially been breached, that number could potentially double in the next couple of weeks,” Internet security expert Robert Siciliano told WNCN.

As if millions of accounts at Target weren’t enough…

Attorney General Roy Cooper of North Carolina warns residents of his state about ways hackers are beginning to steal information after these massive breaches. “They send fake emails to you to tell you we can help or we can monitor your credit.”

Those emails contain links to phishing sites that store and use your personal information.

“I’m working with other Attorneys General to begin an investigation of this to determine how careful Target was and whether any laws were broken here,” said Cooper.

With the pending scams to come, it is now more important than ever for consumers to keep an eye on your credit card accounts. Do not respond to emails with unfamiliar links, and do not share your financial information through email or text messaging. If you are careful with whom you trust with your personal information, you will lower your risk of identity theft.

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