Target Enhances Security with Chip and PIN Store Cards

Target Enhances Security with Chip and PIN Store Cards

October 19, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Target has become the first major card issuer to convert its store cards to require a PIN for identity verification. Rather than allowing cardholders to sign for their transactions, Target is bumping up its security measures by enforcing a PIN on all its store-branded cards.

After suffering a massive data breach that affected up to 70 million customers in 2013, Target has now taken extra precautions. While smartchips are more secure than magnetic strip cards, chip and PIN cards are more secure than chip and signature cards. Target is taking the best of modern technology in an effort to keep its customers as safe as possible.

There is a slight inconvenience that comes with chip and PIN cards because of the need to memorize and enter a PIN for every transaction. But the increased security is well worth the extra few seconds and steps needed to make a payment with a PIN-backed card.

“By requiring a PIN, (customers) are benefitting from an additional layer of security to help protect against someone using their card if it’s lost or stolen,” said Target spokesperson Molly Snyder.

Target has already converted all of its registers to accept chip credit cards, so consumers will be able to immediately use their new store cards.

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