T-Mobile Offers Tax Filing Bonus for Prepaid Card Customers

January 20, 2015, Written By Bill Hardekopf
T-Mobile Offers Tax Filing Bonus for Prepaid Card Customers

T-Mobile recently announced a new opportunity for prepaid cardholders to earn money by depositing their tax refunds onto their T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Cards. T-Mobile CEO John Legere made the announcement on his Twitter page to encourage cardholders to put extra money into their accounts.

People who have already signed up with Mobile Money banking, provided by T-Mobile, will be able to receive an extra $20 when they set up a direct deposit for their income tax refund to their prepaid cards. The offer is good from January 14th to April 30th, 2015.

As with many T-Mobile promotions, this offer is designed for the unbanked and underbanked citizens who need somewhere to turn for their financial services. T-Mobile makes money when people use these prepaid cards to spend their refund checks, so the $20 incentive may be a small price to pay for the extra business.

“Customers can get access to their tax refund faster than a traditional paper check refund. It’s free, fast and a more secure–and more lucrative–way to get your tax refund this year,” the company said in a statement.

The Mobile Money app does not require any monthly maintenance fees, and deposits to accounts can be made for free in T-Mobile stores.

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