Synchrony Financial to Launch Personalized Discounts to Boost Retail Sales

Synchrony Financial to Launch Personalized Discounts to Boost Retail Sales

June 23, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

In September, Synchrony Financial plans to launch the Next Best Offer platform to help merchants sell more product to their customers. The program is designed to promote discounts and special offers to consumers based on their shopping habits with the goal of driving sales for retailers, both online and in stores.

Synchrony Financial is a spinoff of General Electric. The company provides private label credit cards for many brand name retailers in America. The plan for the Next Best Offer is to utilize data collected from the company’s private-label credit cards to point shoppers in the right direction when they’re looking for information on their phones.

“A big part of our value proposition for merchants is to help increase sales in their stores, so they want to use us for their private-label credit card,” Greg Simpson, Synchrony’s chief technology officer, told The Wall Street Journal.

Synchrony is far from the first company to use shopping habits to adjust marketing habits. For years, Google has employed this same principle with its AdSense network, using browsing history and search terms to place specific ads in front of customers actively looking for those products and services. This will be one of the first instances of a private label credit card provider utilizing analytics to help their merchants generate more sales. This obviously drives profit margins for Synchrony as well, and also attracts more future retailers to their services.

Until the launch in September, Synchrony will continue to gather information from its cardholders about their shopping habits.

Synchrony Financial also announced they will offer private label credit cardholders the ability to add their cards to Apple Pay.

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