Swiping Comes to Visa Checkout

Swiping Comes to Visa Checkout

March 14, 2016         Written By Bill Hardekopf

A new interactive button on Visa Checkout will bring the familiar card swipe to online commerce and mobile devices.

Visa announced Friday that its newest Visa Checkout enhancement allows shoppers to complete online purchases by sliding a virtual image of their payment card across the screen of their computer or mobile device. The new feature is expected to make payments more engaging, especially on the smaller screens of mobile devices.

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Visa Checkout, first introduced in 2014, allows consumers to pay online via any device without leaving a merchant’s website or app. Now, instead of seeing a lightbox when paying, consumers will see a picture of their cards. To pay, users swipe right on the picture of their card and enter a password to authenticate the purchase.

“Visa Checkout’s new interactive button is yet another way we are designing the future of online checkout and delivering on our promise to bring the simplicity of the swipe to any device,” said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president of Visa’s digital solutions. “This new experience brings digital payments one step closer to the ease, trust and familiarity that consumers have long valued from Visa in the physical world.”

The new button seems to appeal to shoppers. According to recent tests, customers who use the interactive card are twice as likely to complete their purchase, compared to the current Visa Checkout experience, which has an industry-leading conversion rate of 86%.

The update is in response to a recent Visa survey, which found 67% of Millennials make purchases using their smartphone or tablet, and 45% make online purchases at least a few times a month (compared to 40% of older respondents).

“This design-led innovation is proven to increase conversion, helping merchants reach new customers — especially millennials, who are increasingly using their mobile devices to make purchases,” said Shrauger.

Visa Checkout, which currently has more than 11 million consumer accounts in 16 countries, represent retailers such as Best Buy, Fandango, Gap, Neiman Marcus, Pizza Hut, Staples, Rakuten, Under Armour, Virgin America, Williams Sonoma and zulily.

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