Stolen Target Credit Card Numbers Used in Denver

April 15, 2014, Written By Sarah Hefner
Stolen Target Credit Card Numbers Used in Denver

More credit card numbers stolen in the Target breach continue to surface. A suspect in Lakewood, Colorado was caught on camera using 16 card numbers from the breach at stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and of course, Target.

Investigators believe that the suspect, Steve Lock, may have as many as 30 stolen numbers from the breach. Lock’s picture was captured by security cameras as he left Target in March.

Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis said, “He actually had dummy credit cards and was able to emboss those numbers on those credit cards.”

Lock most likely made online purchases of the card numbers on the black market. If officers are able to uncover where he bought them, they might be able to track other hackers associated with the breach.

Experts say that some thieves will wait months before using stolen credit card information in order to make the cardholders feel they are safe. They are less likely to diligently check their accounts after a period of time has passed. This just underscores the need to keep an eye on your credit card statements, even long after a widespread breach.

A lot of consumers affected by the Target breach have already ordered or received new cards from their banks. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of consumers who could be impacted by the aftermath. If you have not ordered a new card yet, consider doing so in the near future.

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