Still Have Not Received Your Stimulus Check? Here Is How to Get It

Still Have Not Received Your Stimulus Check? Here Is How to Get It

April 23, 2020         Written By Travis Short

The first week of the economic impact payments have gone out but many Americans have not received theirs yet. Due to COVID-19 many Americans have found themselves with partially or fully reduced hours at work and receiving their economic impact payment is more important now than ever. There are a few reasons you may not have received your economic impact payment, below are some of the ways you may be able to get it faster.

First, you’ll need to check your eligibility for the economic impact payment. The IRS has a page where you can read through to see whether or not you are eligible for the payment. There are different conditions you have to meet including citizenship, dependency on another tax filer, having a valid SSN, and income requirements. Take a look at the full list of requirements to see if you qualify.

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Will I Receive a Direct Deposit or Paper Check?

On your taxes for 2018 or 2019, whichever you filed last, if you elected to receive your refund via paper check and not direct deposit then that is also how you will receive your economic impact payment. If you received a federal refund via direct deposit, you shouldn’t have to do anything, they will have your information. If you are slated to receive a paper check, you can provide your direct deposit information directly to the IRS to receive your economic impact payment that way. You can provide your information in the new IRS portal called “Get My Payment”. It will ask a few personal identification questions, then you will be able to proceed with providing your direct deposit information. Note that if you believe you should qualify and get a response of “Payment Status Not Available” you should not worry, the IRS is adding more data to the portal daily so you’ll just need to check back another day.

If you owed the IRS on your 2018 or 2019 taxes (whichever you filed last) and did not receive a federal refund, the IRS may not have your direct deposit information. If you owed you need to go to the Get My Payment link above and make sure the IRS has your direct deposit information, because it may not.

What If I Am A Non-Filer?

Non-Filers are those who do not make enough to file taxes or are not required to file taxes for other reasons. For those who do not file taxes or Non-Filers, you can also provide your information to the IRS for direct deposit if you have that option.  You’ll be able to determine your eligibility here if you don’t file taxes and proceed to provide your direct deposit information to the IRS if you qualify. If you need additional help, they released a video for Non-Filers to help guide you through the process, you can view the video here.

At this time, if you qualify for the payment, direct deposit will be the fastest way that you can receive your economic impact payment as it may take months to get all the paper checks mailed out to people. You can see a full mailing schedule here.

Can’t Receive A Direct Deposit?

If you don’t have the ability to receive your payment via direct deposit you’ll need to make sure that the IRS has your correct address on file for your paper check. If your address now if different than the one on your last tax return, you may be able to update it. If you have not filed your 2019 tax return, enter your new address when you file and file as soon as you can so they have the correct address should they process your check. If you have already filed your 2019 return, and the address you used to file your taxes is now different, your check will be mailed to the address they have on file. You may be able to update your address through the United States Postal Service to have your check redirected to your new address. If you do that in time you may be able to get your check at your new address.

Can I Get My Work Paycheck Faster?

If you have been working through the shutdown and you still receive your work wages via paper check, you may be able to receive your funds faster through a prepaid card. If you don’t have a checking account that you can set up a direct deposit for your wages, check with your employer to see if you can have your paycheck deposited onto a prepaid card. You’ll have the funds available to you directly on your card and it may also save you a trip to the bank to cash your check in the midst of this pandemic.

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