Users' Personal Info Exposed via Steam's Security Lapse

Users' Personal Info Exposed via Steam's Security Lapse

December 29, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

An internal error at the popular gaming platform Steam exposed personal data for many users making purchases during the holidays. The data included usernames, email addresses and credit card information. The problem was quickly resolved the same day, but at this time, no one is certain just how many people may have been impacted by the lapse in security.

A moderator on Steam’s forums assured users that the website was not hacked. Per their legal requirements, the site censors all credit card numbers to ensure they are not visible to users. It appears only the last few digits of the phone number and credit card number were visible at the time.

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Valve, the company that operates Steam, said the security error occurred after a configuration change in the system enabled users to temporarily see each other’s account information. Valve reports the security issue lasted no longer than an hour, and the problems that may have resulted from it have been resolved.

Users were still reporting issues pulling up their account details pages as of Christmas day, but they were no longer able to see information from other people’s accounts.

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