Starbucks Runs 8 Million Mobile Transactions Each Week

Starbucks Runs 8 Million Mobile Transactions Each Week

April 28, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Starbucks is the most successful retailer in the mobile payment industry. Company executives now say the coffee chain is up to eight million weekly purchases through its mobile platform.

The Starbucks mobile app has grown tremendously in a short period of time and has taken root in several major cities across the country. Last quarter, the company was reporting mobile sales transactions at seven million orders per week. In late 2014, Starbucks claimed 90% of the mobile payments market.

“Our experience today shows that mobile order and pay will drive significant increase in mobile transactions in stores throughout the U.S,” said CEO Howard Schultz on a second quarter earnings call. “Enhancing our in-store customer experience, with our digital experience–like mobile order and pay–creates a positive flywheel on our business, and attracts more Starbucks Rewards members.”

The earnings call revealed an increase of 1.3 million My Starbucks Rewards members, making the total number of active members 10.3 million. This provides a strong indication of the growth the company will continue to see in mobile ordering in the coming months.

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