Starbucks Opens Mobile Order-Only Coffee Shop

April 3, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Starbucks Opens Mobile Order-Only Coffee Shop

Mobile ordering and order-ahead options are becoming a norm for today’s restaurants. Starbucks is taking this concept to the next level by opening a mobile order-only coffee shop in Seattle.

The coffee shop will be inside the company’s headquarters, and will be open to the 5,000 employees at that location. Any mobile orders placed inside the building will be routed to the mobile-order window. No lines or places to orders, just a pickup area and a view of the baristas at work.

Starbucks has two internal cafes in its headquarters. One ranks within the top three Starbucks locations in the country for mobile order volume. This makes the headquarters building the perfect place where the efficiencies of a dedicated mobile order shop can be tested.

Starbucks receives a large amount of mobile orders during peak work hours (early mornings, lunch times, and 5 PM), making it difficult for baristas to keep up with the demands. With all of these transactions being pushed to one location, workers in other cafes can get food and drinks out quickly to in-store customers.

The coffee chain provides mobile ordering services at all of its locations. Consumers simply download the Starbucks app on an Android or Apple device, and select the items desired. You can pay directly through your phone and pick up the order at your chosen location without having to wait in line.

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