Starbucks $450 Gift Cards Sell Out in Minutes

Starbucks $450 Gift Cards Sell Out in Minutes

December 11, 2012         Written By Bill Hardekopf

The latest must-have Christmas gift appears to be the $450 Starbucks stainless steel gift card that was introduced last Friday.

Only 5,000 of these gift cards were made available on They sold out in a matter of minutes.

Now the cards are being offered on eBay for hundreds of dollars more than they were worth. One sold for over $1,000.

The limited-edition Starbucks card provides $400 in store credit; $50 covers the cost of making the card. The card can be reloaded with money.

The card gives the recipient gold level membership in the Starbucks rewards program. This includes a free birthday drink, and a free drink or food item after the purchase of 12 drinks. Paying with your registered Starbucks Card gets the cardholder brewed and iced coffee and tea refills at no charge during your visit at a participating store. Customers must typically collect 30 Stars within 12 months to reach the gold level membership.

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