Square Order App Allows Patrons to Pre-Order and Pay for Food

May 29, 2014, Written By Justin Hefner
Square Order App Allows Patrons to Pre-Order and Pay for Food

Square’s attempt at a mobile wallet, Square Wallet, never really caught on and was recently pulled from the app stores, allowing the company to only service existing customers. But now the company has introduced Square Order, a mobile app that allows consumers to order and prepay for food purchases, skipping lines in restaurants.

The smartphone app automatically lets you know when your order is ready to be picked up in the store or restaurant. The app also enables you to pay for the order.

At this point, only Whole Foods has this service available, in some New York and San Francisco stores.

Square is asking users to suggest local businesses they would like to have participate in the program. So far, Order has been off to a slow start, but Square is hoping that its former Wallet customers will embrace the new and “improved” app.

Square Order is available for download on the Android and iOS platforms.

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