Square Updates Magstripe Card Readers to Work with Chromebook and Apple Computers

Square Updates Magstripe Card Readers to Work with Chromebook and Apple Computers

September 5, 2018         Written By John H. Oldshue

Square announced they have updated their magnetic strip card reader to work with Apple computers and Chromebooks. The Square Reader for magstripe can be used to process payments as long as the computers are running Chrome or Safari web browsers.

This update is only for the magnetic strip reader, not the Square Chip Card Reader. Both devices plug into a headphone jack, but the magstripe version cannot process chipped cards. If a chip card is processed through the magnetic strip reader, the transaction will not qualify for Chargeback Protection.

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The magstripe reader is compatible with a free app on Safari and Chrome. Users can simply plug in the reader, open a Virtual Terminal, and follow a few quick setup instructions. This turns the computer into a card-reading register, so office workers and business owners can process payments from their desktops.

Users who already have a Square Reader for magstripe do not need a new reader to use this function.

Square’s original products were designed for small businesses on the go that did not need a traditional register setup. Any smartphone could be used to process payments as long as there was Internet access available. Since that time though, Square has developed a suite of products for nearly every business model, including stand-alone registers and complete point-of-sale terminals.

Computer-based processing comes with a 2.75% fee per swipe and a 3.5% plus a 15¢ fee for manually-entered information.

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