Square Launches More Accurate Credit Card Reader

Square Launches More Accurate Credit Card Reader

December 17, 2013         Written By Justin Hefner

Users of the mobile credit card processor Square will be pleased to know that the company has upgraded their card reader. This is primarily in response to the development of the iPhone 5S, which is thinner than past models. Square set out to make their device just as sleek as the new iPhone itself.

The upgraded card reader is 45% thinner, and it is more accurate in the way it reads cards. While most users have no issues getting cards to go through with one or two tries, Square made the need for that second swipe much lower with the latest model. To do this, they had to create a series of custom parts for the device that maintained its size while still providing better technology.

Square is now compatible with more phones and devices, which should help the product gain additional share in the marketplace. If you were not able to use Square in the past because of your phone or tablet, check the Square website to see if your device is now compatible.

The new Square card reader is available on the company’s website, and it will be hitting the shelves of 30,000 retail stores beginning in 2014.

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