Square Adds “Open Tickets” to Help Barkeepers with Open Tabs

Square Adds “Open Tickets” to Help Barkeepers with Open Tabs

April 6, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

“Just put it on my tab,” a simple phrase that can lead to big tips for bartenders at the end of a night. Managing tabs for a number of clients can be a hassle for a business owner, especially if they have to handle everything by hand. That was the grim reality for Square Register users, at least until now. The company has created a new system that allows businesses to manage open tabs with just a tap on a tablet.

The new add-on for Square Register, known as Open Tickets, is designed to make life easier for business owners who offer a running tab option for their customers. A server or bartender can swipe a credit card to start the tab and then continuously add charges to it throughout the night until the customer is ready to leave. The POS system maintains a log of the charges placed on the person’s card, and that log appears on the receipt when the tab is closed.

Manually keeping track of tabs opens up the possibility for human error, where bartenders may incorrectly overcharge or undercharge customers due to faulty record keeping. With Open Tickets, the system does all the management for you, protecting the business and the consumer from losing money along the way.

Open Tickets should launch this week, but Square has not made an official announcement. If you use Square Register for your business, keep an eye out for an update in the coming days.

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