Sony Credit Card Hack Follows PS4 Launch

Sony Credit Card Hack Follows PS4 Launch

December 12, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

After the successful release of the PlayStation 4, Sony was enjoying a fairly good year in 2013. The celebration quickly turned to an investigation when the company began noticing “irregular activity” on user accounts. This irregular activity has turned into what may be a credit card breach, according to numerous reports of fraud over the last few weeks.

Sony sent out an email to its users when the first signs of trouble took place, encouraging them to change their passwords to protect their accounts. This might have been too little too late, as stories continue to crop up for fraud. One user said he had $150 charged to his PlayStation account, and another said that FIFA 14 was downloaded on his account without his authorization.

At this time, Sony is not aware of how much information the hackers may have received, but they do not believe that they have acquired anything more than usernames and passwords.

If you were one of the lucky few to buy a PS4 when it came out, you should change the password on your account just to be on the safe side. Keep an eye on any financial accounts you have in association with your PlayStation, and report unauthorized charges as soon as possible.

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