Delaware Bank Launches Card-Free ATM Machine

Delaware Bank Launches Card-Free ATM Machine

July 2, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

WSFS Bank, a small financial institution in Wilmington, Delaware, has launched a new ATM that does not require a card or PIN to access. The machine could mark a new standard in ATM banking as more consumers seek out mobile banking convenience.

The ATM works through WSFS Mobile Cash, a feature on the bank’s mobile app that makes card-free withdrawals possible. When a customer goes to the ATM, he can select the “Mobile Cash” option and a QR code will pop up on the screen. The app has a scanning feature on the phone that connects the phone with the ATM, and the customer can then select the amount of money he wants to withdraw. The money dispenses from the ATM accordingly.

This may sound like an extra hassle, but it does provide advanced security features that are worth considering. With card-free ATM transactions, users aren’t at risk of losing their card or PIN information from hidden cameras and credit card skimmers. The phone has to be registered to the app for the ATM withdrawal to work, so people can’t just steal account information and start making withdrawals on their own. The QR codes expire 45 seconds after they are displayed on the screen, so they cannot be used for future transactions.

This is not the only innovation to come to ATMs in recent weeks. Nautilus Hyosung, one of America’s largest ATM manufacturers, plans to launch cash recycling ATMs in the near future, saving banks from having to reload their machines by utilizing the money customers deposit into their accounts through the machines.

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